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So… I have an apology to make. I failed at the October Writing Challenge on tumblr! There, it’s out now. I managed to get up to Day 17 but no further… and most of them were at least a week late. I might try to catch up with it at some point, but I’m not making any promises. However, I am now determined to complete the November Writing Challenge, which info can be found about here.

I’ve been reading a lot this week as well. I finished 2 books (Girl on the Train and Frozen) so I’ll be starting another one later today. That also means there might be a couple of reviews coming up? I might actually write a review!

I just remembered how much I hate writing book reviews

Um so yeah. The next book that I’m going to be reading is called Riverkeep and it’s by Martin Stewart. I picked it off the shelf at the library because I judged it by the title and thought it sounded interesting, if I’m being honest, then I read the blurb and decided to read it. So let’s see how that goes!

Also I’m so excited for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (which I will be referring to as FBAWTFT for the rest of this because the full name takes too long to type and I’m lazy xD). I just looked up to see how long it is until it comes out and found this… so as I’m writing thise very sentence it is 15 days, 9 hours, 18 minutes and 42 seconds until it comes out! YAY!! I am really, really excited for this film, especially as it’s going to be the first in a series of 5! I read somewhere that the second one was going to be set in Paris, and I know from the official Pottermore and FBAWTFT Instagram accounts that they are going to be tied into the story of Grindelwald and the attacks the carried out which took place around Europe, and Dumbledore is going to be in there too! Also, for all you other fans out there, I found this interview with Eddie Redmayne (who plays Newt Scamander!) on The Ellen Show YouTube Channel where he talks a bit about his child and wife, and then he also talks about FBAWTFT 😀 And also there’s this clip of him playing a game with Ellen which is funny, with another brief mention of the film xD

And that’s it for this post! This is for the Sunday that was 3 days ago (sorry about the lateness!) so their should be another one coming up in 4 days for this week 🙂 Bye!

~ April