Jemma @ Hogwarts

A grin on her face, Jenny Haddock leapt to her feet, pressing her nose against the cold glass of the window and squinting into the darkness outside as the train pulled to a stop. She was so excited! She had finally arrived at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! This was the best day ever!

The 11 year old was in a carriage on the magnificent train with one other person – her best friend, Emma. Jenny and Emma had known each other since they were little children. Living next to each other, they’d grown up together, often sneaking over the fence dividing their gardens to play together. And now they were here!

“C’mon, Emma, let’s go!” The metamorphagus jumped up and down, shoving all of the chocolate frog wrappers and spat-out Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans wrapped in tissues into a plastic bag, which she tucked away in her old leather knapsack, one of her favourite belongings that she’d bought from a charity shop one year ago almost to the day, and her mum had put an enlargement charm on it so she could fit much more inside that first appearances would indicate at. The grin didn’t fade from her face as she grabbed hold of Emma’s hand and pulled her along behind her, skipping down the central passage of the train to the door at the far end of the carriage.

Emma followed, rather more pale than usual. Usually, magical children started to show their abilities and use accidental magic from a young age, but she hadn’t. Of course, her parents weren’t exceptional at Magic, but they were about average. Emma had even began to wonder if she was a squib. So, the day her hogwarts letter arrived, granted a day after Jenny’s had, she had been overjoyed and her mother had even made chocolate cake (the muggle way!) to celebrate. But, as her mother had told her when she kissed her forehead for the last time, telling her to have fun and a safe journey, Emma held her head high and tried not to let her anxiety show. She was with her best friend, and she was a witch. School would be fun for once, Emma would make lots and lots of friends and would even enjoy her homework! She was going to be doing magic, every day! This made her happy, and she gripped her wand resting in the pocket of her new robes. It had taken an age to find one right for her, but the young wand makers apprentice Albus had found her the perfect match eventually, and Emma loved it. It was a surprisingly swishy willow wand, with a unicorn hair core, slightly longer than average. And, when she held it for the first time, her power surged, showing its existence for the first time in Emma’s life, shooting an arc of golden sparks and causing her mother and the wand maker to step back. She drew strength from it and followed the bewildered huddle of first years, finally allowing herself to feel excited about the year to come.

More to come soon! ~~


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