Title: Flawed

Author: Cecelia Ahern

Blurb: “I cannot fathom how I can be here.
I can’t be Flawed.
I am perfect.”

Celestine North lives a perfect life.

But then Celestine breaks a rule and faces life-changing repercussions. She could be imprisoned. Branded. Found Flawed.

In this heartbreaking and uplifting novel, worldwide phenomenon Cecelia Ahern depicts a society in which perfection is a paramount and mistakes are punished.

And where one young woman takes a stand that could cost her everything…

Non-spoiler thoughts: This is honestly such a good book, I stayed up until midnight reading it by lamplight I was so desperate to find out what happened, which I don’t think I’ve ever done before… It’s so amazing, definitely go and read it.

~ • ~ •~ • ~ •~ • ~ •~ • ~ •~ • ~ •~ • ~ SPOILERS BELOW ~ •~ • ~ •~ • ~ •~ • ~ •~ • ~ •~ • ~ •~ • ~ •

Thoughts: How to start, how to start… this is honestly one of the best books ever. Alice gave it to me a couple of weeks ago to read but I only started it the other day (due to being reading another book), and I’m honestly so glad that I did. It has such an exciting and gripping storyline and is really well written. The characters are so well described and portrayed and I have developed an emotional attachment to all of them except a couple, such as Judge Crevan, who you are quite obviously not meant to get attached to. I’m also not sure if I’m that keen about a certain Ms Alpha Dockery, but we’ll see…

Also there are times when I want to shake some sense into Ewan, but I suppose he’s only a small child… but he still shouldn’t treat her sister the way he does! She’s exactly the same person as she was before, except she has some marks burnt into her skin. Celestine still loves him so why can’t he still love Celestine?!

Honestly, it is one of my favourite books of the year. Despite the fact I was internally screaming at the characters several times (is the video in the snowglobe? am I right? please say it is!), I absolutely love it so much 😀

Also… I kind of maybe possibly ship Celestine and Carrick (I almost typed Crevan then… NOOOOO I don’t ship that). I feel bad for Art though. Carrick or Art? Art or Carrick?…. aaaargh I can’t decide!

Also where are Tina and all the other guards? Where have they gone? Are they hiding? And where has Pia disappeared to? Are Celestines family going to be okay? So many questions that I want the answers to! I just want to start the next one immediately so I can find out… but it doesn’t come out until March! Aargh!!

This has been a terrible review, I’m so sorry for that xD I’m just going to stop writing now so it doesn’t get even less coherent and confusing