My First Blog!

Hello readers! Alice here; welcome to my page : )

So, thus far, April has done most (all – I think) of the posts on this website as I couldn’t figure out how to work it (I’m incredibly intelligent, as you can probably tell :s ). But, alas! all that will be changing as I have finally discovered what to do and will be posting every week (maybe even more often than that!).


So, a little about me… Well, as you know, on here, I go by Alice (not my real name) and I run this website with my best friend of 7 and a bit years, April (also not her real name). We created this website as we have a passion for reading, writing and needed somewhere to just talk (or I did at least…) In person, I am very socially awkward, shy and often referred to as ‘the quiet one’. But, thats simply not me, and as I am much more confident online, hopefully this will help with that?!

If you ever need or just want to talk, I will be available on Instagram direct message (writeaweek) and also on our email – .

Be sure to follow us on our social media accounts, Instagram (where I am the admin) writeaweek and tumblr (where April is the admin) write-a-week. (Links on home page)

Like I mentioned, I LOVE writing, and April and I will post collaborations on our main writing page in the menu bar, and I will be posting things I have written on my own on my page and linking to them in both the ‘Alice’ and ‘Our Writing’ sections.

So, as I also love reading, I decided to tell you about this amazing fan fiction that i have started to read, which I will insert a link to now:

It is an AU of all seven of the Harry Potter books (Not the Cursed Child but meh) and I am currently on book 3 and still loving it. I tried to get April to read it, but she got bored (though she only read about a line of it, so it isn’t really a very fair judgement).

If you too love writing, or just feel like having a go, check out my Instagram where I post quotes, text posts, nice pictures and also writing collaborations for you to join in with!

Happy reading,

Alice xx



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