Hello : )

It was an amazing surprise this morning to wake up to messages from April saying that we actually have readers! You guys are from all over the world and it is so amazing that you take time out of your day to take a look at what we have written! So, thank you so so much, you are wonderful people!!!


If I’m honest, this week has dragged on a bit… It is getting close to  the half term holidays for us (only a week to go!) and we are shattered! Half term will be a welcome break and it will mean we have lots of time for writing!

If you haven’t read ‘The Girl On The Train’, then I strongly recommend it. It is an amazing read – a murder mystery packed with action and excitement. Along with a group of friends, April and I went to see the film yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it, so if you are looking for something to read, there you go!


At the moment, I am reading the last book in the “I am Number Four’ series, ‘United as One’ by Pittacus Lore. There are seven books in the series and they are all written incredibly and have brilliant story lines. John Smith is an alien from the planet Lorien and when they were very young, him and nine others were brought to earth due to the fact their planet was being attacked by another alien race – the Mogadorians. Along with his fellow Loric people, it is John’s job to stop the same thing happening to dart and to keep the remainders of his people alive. They are great books and I would definitely encourage you to read them!


Now, enough of recommendations – should have probably put that on the recommendation page, but oh well… I’m not really sure how anyway! Today I have managed to catch up with sleep (a little) and now am procrastinating on doing my homework. (There you go, April I used it right! – I thought procrastinate meant ‘think deeply’ or something like that and April proved me wrong, it actually means ‘put off doing something’… so there you go, you might have just learnt something new!)

If you readers like our website, I’m not sure if you know that you can make your own wordpress accounts! I think that they enable you to leave comments and likes on our pages, but if you don’t really want yet another password to remember then you can always email us at: writeaweek@gmail.com or send us a message on our tumblr / instagram accounts (write-a-week for tumblr and writeaweek for instagram).

Thanks for reading and have a good week,

Alice xx


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