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Blog Post #28b – Everything, Everything, Unwind & iBoy (spoiler version!)

Hey readers!

WARNING: This post contains a lot of spoilers about the three books. For a version containing no spoilers, click here 🙂

So, over the last couple of days, I’ve read three books: Everything, Everything (Nicola Yoon), Unwind (Neal Shusterman) and iBoy (Kevin Brooks). In short, I loved them all and recommend you read all of them (but if you haven’t then you shouldn’t be reading this post because SPOILERS) but my more detailed opinions are below (most of the things below are the negative things I have to say, but basically everything I haven’t mentioned is positive!)

Everything, Everything, was a great book. I love the concept, how it’s written, and the ending. However, there’s just one thing I think could have been done differently: the running-away part of the book, where Maddy and Olly fly to Hawaii. Why did Olly not ask to see the pills? Surely, if she’s relying on some experimental and non-approved pills to make sure she doesn’t die, then he’d want to see them. And also, why did Maddy not realise that she wasn’t allergic to the world, or at least have suspicions? After all, she had been exposed to the air for a very long time, had eaten lots of different food, flown to a different country and swum in the sea among other things, surely if it was that serious that she’d been living inside for the last 17 years then something would have set it off along the way? I just think that perhaps somewhere along the way she might have thought “it’s strange I haven’t got ill yet’ or something like that.

Unwind was also a great book. There honestly wasn’t much I thought could be different with it. My main problem was that a few things weren’t explained very well and the reader was left to figure out quite a lot of stuff by themselves before it was revealed, such as what Lev’s tithing party was about, what clappers were/what they did, etc. I do realise that this was deliberately done to make the reader speculate and was a good thing to do, but I, personally, like to have answers. So it’s not really a criticism, more of a “I’m-impatient-ism”. The other thing I’d criticize was Chapter 16 (teacher). I just think that it was unlikely she’d think about whether or not she should help Connor and Risa to escape and not be caught without thinking about the network of underground unwind helpers that she’s part of. Again, I understand it was done so it wasn’t revealed too early, but still, it’s unlikely.

Finally, iBoy. My biggest problem with this was the ending. “What?”, I hear you ask, “it had a nice ending though?” Yes, it did have a nice ending, with Tom and Lucy sitting on the roof together, finally both happy, but I wanted answers. I wanted to know how so many bits were resolved, but I was never told. To demonstrate, here is the message I sent to Alice almost immediately after finishing: “ALICE IT CANT JUST END LIKE THAT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT WHAT HAPPENS TO IBOY TO HIM AND LUCY STAY TOGETHER IS HE ARRESTED I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS”. I think that probably gives you a clue as to how I felt.

And that’s my including-spoilers review done with! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading – and if anyone has any disagreements with anything I’ve said or wanted to discuss these three books, please do contact us! I would be more than happen to do so. Bye!

~ April


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