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Hello (my blog titles are a lot less organised than April’s…)

Hello Readers! (It’s Alice)

April and I are keeping up our promise of a weekly post, and this week is no exception 🙂 In my last post, I wrote about the writing workshop we had been lucky enough to be a part of, and I’ve decided to post it on here so that you can read it if you want 🙂

Will Phoenix story

So, on with the blog: I hope all of you are fantastic, and if not, I hope you are soon. I’m in a good mood today, unlike yesterday… I’m a teenager, so mood swings affect me 😦 anyway, it wasn’t really over anything of any significance, just this girl who seems to find it amusing to be horrible…

Other than her, things are good – there’s not too much longer until the school holidays, and I’m going to a concert soon 🙂

Last year, April and I spent most of our lunchtimes (at school) holed up in the library, writing together. At the time, we thought our idea was genius, and our writing was even better. This week, we went back to it, and let’s just say there was a lot of laughing and groaning. It is TERRIBLE. Hilariously so, but who’d have thought that one year could make so much difference to the quality of our writing? (Or at least I hope we’ve improved…)

We’re both still fans of the story line, and have planned to keep going with it, typing up what we already have, then (very heavily) editing / rewriting it and continuing with the story.

We’ll keep you updated on that, and maybe one day, if it ever reaches a standard where it wouldn’t be incredibly embarrassing to share it, we’ll post it on here!

Happy reading,



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