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SORRYSORRYSORRY (and writing advice from a published author (and me))

*Sheepish voice* Hello, It’s Alice.

I am very (very very very) sorry that neither of us blogged at all in February, but it’s March now and we have vowed to try harder. We are aiming for at least one post between us per week (seeing as we are called writeaweek…) and will try our best to fulfil that.

So, what happened during our month of silence? I’ve just sat and thought about this for a moment, and sadly, the answer is: not a lot, other than the fact that I just found a random fire extinguisher under the desk… (I’m writing this at school whilst April is writing her own blog at my side). Life has just gone on as normal, and although I’ve had something of a large fall out with someone who I once considered a friend, things are going okay. The ‘argument’ has been good for me, as it has made me realise some things that I had overlooked beforehand.

Basically, if there is someone in your life who never brings anything positive and / or tries to control what you do, chances are that you don’t actually like them very much but have just grown accustomed to the way things are with them (or at least this was the case for me). I see said person a fair amount at school, and although things are quite awkward between us (she is very good at death stares…), I feel much happier at school, because I can see whoever I want (mainly April) and be happy without her constantly putting a downer on things and not letting me go anywhere without running it by her first.

April and I had signed up to go to a creative writing workshop with an author, and I know that April is writing (and has probably finished by the time this is posted) a blog all about that, but I’ll summarise – he took us through the basic steps that he took before writing any story:

  • List as many different: features of appearance, personality traits, and jobs as you can think of in different columns and then pick one of each to make the basis of a character. (Write this down)
  • Note down key facts about your character: Do they like their job, are they in a relationship, any kids, favourite food, music they like, etc.
  • From these things, start to think of a problem that your character can be facing: has their relationship broken down? Have they been fired? Anything that will cause your character issues.
  • Next, develop an outline of the story revolving around your character (this should be between half a page and a page)
  • Write!

Okay, so, coming up with ideas might seem difficult, but once you have a strong character, I tend to find that they won’t leave me alone until they have a story. The hardest part about writing is, in my opinion, not coming up with what to write about, but doing the actual writing and not giving up or getting bored! I am a huge procrastinator, but this isn’t always a bad thing, as in the back of my mind, there is always something whirring away, and things sometimes piece themselves together. Writing is largely a battle of will, so don’t let yourself be an obstacle, as at the end of the day, the only thing stopping you from writing your story is you yourself.

I hope this has helped / given you something to do for a couple of minutes, and remember, there are always good writing prompts online, and great instagram accounts that provide you with inspiration / motivational quotes. Our instagram account is @ writeaweek, and we keep that updated through posts or stories, also letting our followers know when we post something new on here, or if we reach a landmark point in out writing, or just to ask the important questions in life, such as ‘is there such thing as a metaphorical question? – Are you the lean green killing machine?’ and ‘is ‘you’re a metaphor’ a metaphor?’ 😀

This has been a bit of a random mishmash, but remember we are both VERY sorry for not posting anything last month and will not let March be a repeat of that! Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read this, and happy writing!



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