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Prompts (Day 6 of Write-A-Day)

Hey all! April here. So we’re coming up to the end of Write-A-Day, just one more post to go after this one. And as I’ve not actually done much to do with writing this week, I thought today I’d write some prompts.

If you’re ever stuck for what to write, then I highly recommend using a writing prompt as inspiration. Even if you hate what you write and end up deleting the whole thing it’ll get your creative juices flowing and your mind whirring. I myself have used writing prompts many a time for this exact reason, although most of the outcomes have been deleted before they were finished.

So, without further ado, here are the prompts!

1) It is a normal day until all the lights go out. Including the sun. After a few minutes of scrambling in the pitch black, they turn back on again. However, almost all the people in the world are gone. Just a small band of people remain to try and solve the mystery and bring the world back to rights.

(a bit cliché, I know, and I’m sorry, but I like those type of stories!)

2) Fast cars are your thing, right? And because of this, all your life you’ve wanted to be an ambulance driver. Just turn those sirens on and bam, you have instant right of way and can go any speed you want. So, after you graduate, you begin to learn the necessary skills for being an ambulance driver. However, it seems to be a lot different than what you thought.

(I thought of this one while watching an ambulance zoom past me one day)

3) You live in a country exactly what it is like in modern day. You believe that every other country is the same. However, when you and your family go abroad for a holiday, you arrive in a country that looks like the apocalypse hit in the 1800’s and it hasn’t recovered since. Oh well, you think, it’s a change. But after your week long holiday, when you want to leave, you discover that the government has decided to ban all movement in and out of the country. You’re stuck. What do you do? Will you try to escape? How will you adapt to this new way of life? Will you adapt to this new way of life?

(This is terrible and unrealistic. I know. I’m sorry. I have an idea in my head, but I can’t the words on the page. So you’re just going to have to try and interpret this as best as you can)

4) “What’s stopping you?”

(I found this prompt online a couple of weeks ago when looking for prompts for myself, and I quite like it to be honest)

5) One day, you wake up in the body of someone else. What do you do?

(Kind of inspired by Every Day be David Levitham – would definitely recommend reading!)

Anyway, that’s all I have for this post. Make sure to stay tuned for tomorrow’s post, the last day of Write-A-Day. Also, if you do use any of these prompts then feel free to send us them via the comments of this post, our Instagram or our email. We’d love to see them 🙂


~ April


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