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Wednesday (day 3 of writeaday)

Happy Wednesday everyone 🙂

I’m not really sure what to write about, and would probably do another short story, like I did for Day One , but like I said in an earlier blog, I’m in the middle of writing a long story (I’m nearly at 24,000) and don’t want to write anything else in case it messes with that (the story from Monday was something I wrote a while ago).

As I said, I’m not really sure what to write, so I’ll just make things up as I go along… I’ve started my Penguin Complete Sherlock Holmes and have read the first few chapters of ‘A Study In Scarlett’, which April is also reading. I really like it, and haven’t actually found the way it is written very hard to understand, which I thought I might. I think that Conan-Doyle’s Sherlock is quite different from the BBC’s version, but it doesn’t really bother me like something like that usually would, maybe because of the time difference or something, I’m not sure. *Shrugs*. On another Sherlock themed note, I have happily welcomed April to the fandom :), which she talks about a little in her blog from yesterday , so be sure to check that out if you want to know more about that, or want to read the other stuff she wrote about.

I have been watching Netflix’s ‘A Series Of Unfortunate Events’ with my parents, and if you have access to a Netflix account, I would really highly recommend watching it – I haven’t completed the series yet, but so far it is really good, with superb acting. I can’t remember reading the books, but seem to think I read one or two of them (I’m not sure how many there are but I think there are quite a few).

Something I haven’t spoken about an awful lot on here is my school friendships etc. Aside from April, who I have been friends with for seven years (this is the eighth), I have a select group of friends (whom she is a part of, obviously), but there are little groups within that already quite small groups and it’s all quite complicated… Anyway, this one girl seems to be annoyed with me, especially recently and she has just been blanking me or disagreeing with everything I say – ugh – and I know it isn’t even that bad but it makes me feel horrible and I don’t even know why she is being so frosty?! But yeah, I just thought I’d tell you that, because who knows, maybe you are interested in that sort of thing.

Oooh, I just remembered, I read ‘Far From You’ by Tess Sharpe last week and that was really very good. It is about a girl who witnessed the murder of her best friend, but has to deal with it being thought of as a drugs related killing, and thought of as insignificant by the police, when that is not the truth. She makes it her mission to find the killer and bring him to justice, overcoming hundreds of personal hurdles in the process. The total time I spent reading it wasn’t any more than a couple of hours, so it is a relatively quick read (352 pages), if you’re looking for something like that then add it to your list 🙂

Sorry for the randomness of this blog, I’ll try to be more organised in future!

Happy Reading,

Alice x


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