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Blog Post #16 (Day 2 of Write-A-Day)

Hey readers!

It’s April here, with my first blog post of the week… there are a few more to come after today! Alice mentioned this yesterday, but this week her and myself have decided to write a post every day. Alice uploaded a short story yesterday but I thought I’d start out with a blog post.

So… books. As you might know, this year I’m trying to read a book every week. I didn’t quite manage to finish last weeks book in time as I started reading this weeks book early instead (oops…) but it’ll be fine.

Last weeks book was a book called Mind Blind by Lari Don, which Alice recommended to me when we were in the library the week before. It’s about a boy called Ciaran Bain who is responsible for the death of Lucy Shaw’s sister. Without spoilers I can’t give you much more information than that so sorry, it’ll have to be brief

This weeks book is Sherlock, the Essential, by Arthur Conan Doyle. It’s basically a compilation of 8 of the original Sherlock stories by Arthur Conan Doyle, but the 8 have been picked out by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat (the creators of the TV series), because they’re the ones that they believe are the “best” ones.

Now, up until yesterday, I had only ever watched one episode of Sherlock (A Study In Pink) that one of my friends made me watch, but Alice is a massive fan of everything Sherlock (as you might know if you’ve read this post). However, I am rather looking forward to reading this book as I’ve read the first few pages and I quite like it, and I did enjoy A Study In Pink. Also, today I watched the first two episodes of Season 4 of Sherlock, and I would express my feelings about it, but I might leave you on a cliffhanger (like episode 2 did!) and leave that until my next post…


~ April


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