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The Present That Was Left Behind – Play Script

Scene 1

The scene begins with an empty stage, aside the sleigh on one side of the stage.

Mrs Claus: (entering the stage from the wings) It’s almost time, Santa! You need to get ready to set off

Santa Claus: (running on, all a-fluster while looking at his watch) Oh yes, Mrs Claus, I will go and get ready now.

Mrs Claus: You must get a move on, you haven’t got much time!

Three elves enter from the same side that Mrs Claus enters from. They drag a big sack behind them. Hidden behind the sack, out of view of the audience, is The Present.

Elf 1: Here you are, Santa Claus!

Elf 2: Here are the presents!

Elf 3: They’re all ready to go on the sleigh

The three elves and Mrs Claus all lift the sack onto the back of the sleigh while Santa Claus climbs in. As the sack is lifted, The Present is left on the stage. They move, unnoticed, to the side of the stage. The three elves and Mrs Claus stand in a line and wave as the sleigh is pulled into the wings. Then they turn and exit the stage, so the only person left is The Present.

The Present: Oh no, they’ve left me behind! A child is going to be very disappointed when they wake up tomorrow with no present for them under the tree


Scene 2

The scene begins with no-one on stage, but a Christmas tree is sat in the corner. Santa enters the stage on his sleigh, which is pulled by nine reindeer. Once the sleigh in on stage the reindeer disperse back into the wings. Santa climbs down from the sleigh and pulls down his bag of presents.

Santa: Ah, the last house.

Santa reaches into the bag and pulls out a present, which he put under the tree.

Santa: One for little Rufus, and now (reaching into his sack again) one for his sister Lucy…

A look of horror passes across his face as he rummages around in the obviously empty sack.

Santa: Oh no! I’ve lost one of the presents! Whatever shall I do?!

For a long moment, Santa thinks then suddenly he has an idea. He pulls out a bell then rings it. A moment later Mrs Claus appears on stage with Elves 1, 2 and 3.

Mrs Claus: Santa! Whatever is the matter?

Elf 1: Have you been spotted?

Elf 2: Was it a child?

Elf 3: Or was it an adult?

Santa: No, no… it was done of that.

Mrs Claus: Whatever was it then?

Santa: I’m missing a present

The Elves and Mrs Claus all gasp dramatically

Elf 1: Oh no!

Elf 2: Whatever shall we do?

Elf 3: We’ll have to go and find it!

Mrs Claus: Quick, it’s almost morning! We must hurry, we don’t have long!

The reindeers return onto the stage and pull the sleigh back off stage. Santa, Mrs Claus and the Three Elves follow behind.

Scene 3

The scene begins with just The Present on the stage, sitting where they were left in the first scene. As the scene begins, the sleigh is pulled on stage by the reindeer, with Mrs Claus and Santa inside. The Three Elves follow on behind the sleigh. The reindeer remain on stage whilst the scene goes on.

Santa: Look!

Mrs Claus: It’s the missing present!

Santa: Quick, elves, get it on the sleigh!

The Three Elves rush over to the present and lift it onto the sleigh.

The Present: Hurrah! They have found me. Now I can make a child happy when they wake up on Christmas morn with me under the tree

Santa: Come along now, we must rush! The sun is almost up: we don’t have much time!

The reindeer pull the sleigh, with Mrs Claus, Santa and the Present on board, off the stage, with the Three Elves following behind

Scene 4

The tree is back in place in the corner of the stage. Half of the stage is filled with children, all with presents in their hands. They all look extremely happy. All except one. One girl, Lucy, sits on the edge of the group with no present, looking very upset as all the other children unwrap their gifts.

Child 1: Oooh, look! I got a new football!

Child 2: I got a teddy bear!

Child 3: (disappointed) I got a lump of coal…

Child 4: I got a new bicycle!

Child 5: I got a pretty dolly!

Lucy: I got nothing. Maybe Santa has forgotten me?

At that moment, there is a clatter of feet and a jingle of bells off stage. None of the children notice except Lucy, who looks up in surprise as Santa comes on stage with Mrs Claus and The Present. He smiles at Lucy.

Santa: I haven’t forgotten you! Oh no. Here’s your present

The Present steps forward and Lucy jumps to her feet, the excitement clear on her face. The Present hands her a small box wrapped in the same paper which she eagerly unwraps. As she sees what’s inside, her face drops, and she pulls out a pair of lucid yellow socks.

Santa: Ho ho ho, merry Christmas!

Santa, Mrs Claus and The Present exit the stage.

The lights go out.

The End.


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