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Random mid-week blog :D

Hey guys!

So it’s a Wednesday and only 3 days since my last blog, but I felt like writing a blog, so here I am. I don’t have much to talk about so this is probably going to be filled with random rambling, but oh well.

Um, so. What to say… well I started a couple of new stories last week and I’m actually really happy with one of them. I never usually continue writing stories for more than a couple of days because I lose interest, become bored, or just want to try something new. One of the stories from last week has been like that and been abandoned, but the other one I’ve been carrying on with and I’m currently at 9904 words, plus 972 words of planning – another thing I never normally do! So basically I’m very happy with that and fingers crossed I’ll actually finish it! I’m super excited for it as I love all of my characters so much and they all have a happy ending 🙂

As this is a site about writing and reading I suppose I better update you guys on what I’m reading at the moment… sadly I’m STILL reading The Riverkeep. The book really annoys me because I dislike it and the storyline and the way it’s written so I’ve just stopped reading it outside of when I have to read (ie reading lessons at school), but I refuse to put it down and just give up. The problem with this is that I can’t/don’t read two books at once, so if I’m still reading this I won’t read anything else until it’s finished, which is annoying. I just need an hour or so at some point to sit down and finish it then I can banish it from my life and start reading stuff again.

Aaaaand that’s all I have to say I guess! This hasn’t been a very long blog, just over 300 words, but I felt like writing a blog post so I did. If you have any comments feel free to leave them on this page or contact us via any of our social media. Bye!

~ April


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