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Blog Post #6

As you can probably tell, I’m running out of titles…

Anyway, hello readers! I came on this morning to discover we had had views from other people beside Alice and myself, so hey there people! It was really exciting to discover that people have actually read what we’ve written, so thanks!

This week I continued to read the book Frozen — it has nothing to do with the film, just clarifying — but I haven’t got much further. This is partially because I’ve been spending loads of time writing for the October Writing Challenge on our tumblr, and partly because I’ve been working out how to use this new audiobook app I’ve got! It’s called OverDrive, for anyone who wants to know. Confession: I’ve actually never listened to an audiobook before this week, so I wasn’t sure whether or not I’d like it, but so far so good! I’m listening to a book called The Book of Time about a boy who gets transported to a Scottish Island filled with Monks many hundreds of years ago. The best thing about the fact I’m listening to it on audiobook is that the an reading it does these really strong Scottish accents when he reads the dialogue of the Scottish Monks. At first I found him hard to understand because of this but now I’ve adjusted and it’s really good!

Although I said I’ve been working on the Writing Challenge, I’ve actually fallen behind a bit these last few days. It’s hard, writing something every single day for a month, no breaks of gaps in between. Especially with my tendency to write a short story the length of a novel xD

Last, but certainly not least, I found this and just had to share it here because I find it very funny:




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